The Jae Daisy is repainting the world around her


Allow me to let you into a thing that artists know. Imagination is our primary belief, and impossibility is none existent. Artists, especially creatives of colour have a willingness to change the world and not be controlled by it. We are committed to passionate living and not just surviving. These are some of the values cherished by 19-year-old artist, The Jae Daisy. She started posting her work online this summer and immediately got a huge positive response back from people. What is particularly striking about her paintings is the way in which she paints people of colour. She is exact in the way she represents us, showing the rainbow of colours that exists within our melanin. Through her paintings, one becomes liberated as she relieves the weight of negative connotations commonly associated with the colour black.

Art possess the ability to heal, whether that be through music, films or paintings, everyone has a haven they run to in dark and dire times. Jae Daisy uses her painting as a form of escapism. She battled with depression and bullying but now she blossoms with her exquisite and intricate paintings, reflecting her version of the world. Jae Daisy embodies the meaning of the word artist; she is resilient to conforming and muting her multitude of colours for a black and white world. This summer alone she was able to make over a thousand dollars from her paintings, so it is easy to say there is no stopping her. Read below to find out what being a creative of colour means today.


People forget that without us artists, the world wouldn’t be what it is today.

Do you aim to pursue art as a career, if so how do you plan on turning your passion into your paper?

I do aim to pursue my artwork as a career. I am currently in school at Savannah College of Art & Design. I’m studying fibers to get my artwork onto clothing and furniture pieces. I am currently selling my artwork downtown in my hometown but my dream is to expand my love of art and come out with my own line of clothing and furniture with my portraits & paintings on them.

 All of your paintings have a unique feel to it; they all seem to tell a relatable story. What are some of your inspirations when painting?

I get this question a lot! I always have customers ask me “What’s the story behind this piece?” or “What was your inspiration painting this one?” My artwork is called art expressionsim. I like to paint people because I love showing their emotion through colour, movement and texture.

My goal for every piece is to paint something and have viewers tell me what they see from it and what story the think of when looking at one of my paintings… Mostly everyone that has purchased a piece of mine tells me what they feel and what they see looking at my pieces and they all have something different to say; I love that!


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You’re currently in college; do you find that as you grow into adulthood you’re forced out of the world of imagination? 

Of course not. Personally I surround myself with people who have dreams and goals, just as I do. Throughout high school I was surrounded by people who were not as wiling to embrace creativity and I think once I graduated high school and got to be more on my own and find friends outside of high school is when I started to pursue my art more.

I think when you surround yourself with people who have creativity and imagination in mind, you start to feel like anything is possible. Being surrounded by other artists and other entrepreneurs makes me want to be even more creative and expand with my artwork.

Society always has something negative to say whether you do something or you don’t.

Let’s talk about the Struggling Artist Campaign. There is a widespread notion that to be an artist is synonymous to being broke. Talk about the importance of pursuing your passion despite what society says. 

The Struggling Artist campaign is a huge project that I’m working on this year. It will include a variety of artists, whether it’s painting, graphic design, music, poetry, acting, anything art related and hearing their stories and why being an artist is so important to them. It’s very sad that when people hear the word artist, their first thought is “that’s not a real job” or “you’re going to be broke”. I think it’s crazy when I hear that. I think people forget that without us artist, the world wouldn’t be what it is today. The logos and advertisements we see every day is because of an artist. The music we listen to is because of an artist. The furniture in our house and the designs on our clothes are because of an artist. The artwork hanging in our office space and our living space is because of an artist. The movies and TV shows we all watch are all thanks to art performers. So many aspects of our everyday living and entertainment is because an artist decided to follow their dream and put in the work despite of the negative stereotype of “struggling” and “being broke”.

So that being said, you just have to do what you love. Society always has something negative to say whether you do something or you don’t. So we all have to just do what we love instead of having the mind set of “I’m to do this to survive.” You can always turn your passion into your way of living and surviving if you just put your all into it.

Did you have to convince your parents that art was a serious subject when you decided to study it at college? If so, how did you overcome this?

My parents were actually the ones who came up with the idea to turn my paintings and artwork into a business. In 2015 they came to me with the idea of getting a business license and selling my artwork and shirts. My first thought was “hmmm I don’t know”, only because it was something I did for fun. My parents were both artists in high school before they both decided to join the military. I think they were happy to see me doing what I love and wanted to support me. Back then being an artist wasn’t supported as being a career, more so of being a hobby.

They saw potential in me and I am so grateful because of that. I ended up making a little over one thousand dollars this summer which was huge for us. My mom was actually the one who showed me SCAD (Savannah College of Art & Design) and I fell in love instantly. A lot of people tell me it’s very rare to have support from your parents when it comes to being an artist for a career and putting so much time and money into it. Sadly it is, but I encourage those who don’t have parents that support their passion to not let that stop you. Surround yourself with supportive peers and other artists!


Talk to us more about Sky 3 project.

SKY 3 is a non-profit campaign I started when I was fourteen years old. It initially stood for Society Killed You, Stop Killing Yourself & Start Knowing You. At the time I was going through depression and bullying. I wanted to speak up and have a voice. I came out with sweatshirts and shirts and sold them at my high school. All the money went to the homeless and shelters downtown in my hometown. My dad turned SKY 3 into a licensed business when I turned fifteen and he took over from there. He now teaches resilience and character strengths to kids, educators, veterans and the homeless in transition as part of SKY 3. Since I started my art business I decided to donate some of the proceeds from The Jae Daisy to SKY3 to help do workshops on resilience for kids and adults in the community.

What can we hope to expect from Jae Daisy in the future?

I’m very excited for you guys to see what I have coming this Fall! I’m starting the Struggling Artist campaign along with my first Youtube channel. This school year I will be coming out with my first pieces for my clothing line. I’m continuing to paint and sell my artwork, but a lot more is coming for The Jae Daisy.

Find Jae Daisy on Instagram @thejaedaisy, and on her website


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  1. Wow…beautiful on the inside and out! I’d like to take full credit for the wonderfully unique, talented and lovely young woman you’ve become, but I guess I have to share some that credit with your Dad. Know that you inspire us both honey bunny!
    Love, Mom

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