Growing Pains

The best art is made during the hardest times. The times where you feel like nothing you do matters. Or the times where you don’t know if it’s you or the world but no one seems to understand you. Those are the times that we grow the most – the most memorable and awakening moments. These heartaches are the blessings in disguise that are always a surprise. That’s how I discovered vision for Black Girl Politics; it came to me in a dream. Black Girl Politics soon grew into a distraction for me; away from the world’s problems, and away from my own problems of living as a young black woman.

I felt like I had something to prove – a small thing, no bigger than my room, a tapestry background and a canon camera. At first it was just mine and my best friend thoughts and a camera. I wanted to help others; because that was the only way I could help myself.

The dream then  became an idea in a notebook, a hobby, as well as the only thing that saved me from myself. The more toxic my life became, the more the show served as distraction – a coping mechanism for me. I grew closer to a lot of people during that time; with Tajah – the other half of the show and most importantly myself.


Everything is a process so we are taking production classes, preproduction, building a team, failing, and trying again. We recently uploaded our fifth video and we are still excited about how much more the show will grow.

At this point, the show is still a baby, in the fundamental stages. I have so many more visions for the show and have so much planned that sometimes I feel as though I’m not working hard enough for the people and fans.

I tie my identity so closely with the show because the future I see for it is a personal mirror of myself. It was born from a very broken hearted lost girl, wanting to help anyone she could, and to see what it is now really shows the happiness you can gain from growing pains. It’s important to know there’s always room for more growth, welcome change with a strong heart and don’t be afraid to take the risk of succeeding.

By Wilhelmina Simone.

Wilhelmina is the co-founder of Black Girl Politics, alongside Tajah Ellis. BGP is a show by girls, for girls, about girls. The show focuses on intersectional issues in relation to being black, being a woman and everything combined and in between.





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