Second-day-hair Wash and Go is not so cute.

I’ve never really understood the hype about Wash and Go’s and it’s probably because I have 4B/4C hair. Initially I was hesitant to do a Wash and Go, the name reminded me of how I used to do my hair pre-NHM (Natural Hair Movement).The idea of literally washing your hair then going terrified me. So I watched a couple of tutorials and told myself it cannot be that bad if all my naturalista’s are doing it. My first attempt was terrible! You can check it out here. I did it that way because I watched a video of girl with 3B/3C Hair do the same, a bit silly, I know. But the natural hair community is filled with a wide spectrum of different kinks and curls and I refused to believe that only one kind of texture can achieve a certain style. So, as any stubborn Taurus would do, I tried again. You can check out my results and method here.

wash and go!.jpg

I was happier this time, although I didn’t achieve as much curl definition the outcome still pleased me. The shrinkage also did not bother me, I thought the length and the little spiral curls to be quite cute. So I took my ‘cute’ head to bed, not before putting it in a pineapple of course and securing it with a silk scarf. The next morning I was greeted by a swarm of single strand knots and my hair welcomed an extreme dryness that it had been foreign to.

Wash and go.jpg


It became a mission to run my hand through a section of my hair, and I was immediately taken back to being a kid, my head resting on my mother’s knee as she combed from root to tip! I was horrified and quite upset that my hair was suffering from such dryness. Of course I got to work immediately, mixing all my ingredients of moisturizer’s and sealants to fix the mess infesting on my head. So, would I try it again? No.

What are some of your worst/best experiences with Wash and Go’s? Comment below!

-Naomi xo


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