How to Keep your Natural Hair Moisturized this winter


Sometimes I understand why black girls and women relax their hair. Natural hair can be a challenge, if exposed to too much sun, the Keratin which our hair is made of, would start to break down. Yet if exposed to too much wind our ends would dry and break off. So yes, sometimes it is a struggle and I begin to wonder if the grass is greener on the other side. But then I go onto @lambbofficial Instagram and I am reminded of the beautiful and bouncy nature of natural hair! (Perfect plug right?) Anyways, let’s get into how you can protect your tress this winter!

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  1. Know your Porosity Level- Porosity refers to how open the cuticles on your hair shaft are. To find out your porosity level take a strand of hair and put it in bowl of water, if it sinks to the bottom you have High Porosity Hair. However if your hair floats on top of the water you have Low Porosity Hair. If you do have Low Porosity hair it means your hair needs more help retaining moisture. Check out Shea Moisture’s Low Porosity Hair Line here.
  2. Know your Hair Type- Some naturalista’s question the importance of knowing your hair type, but in this case it does play a vital role. Kinkier hair types (4B/4C) tends to be dryer and this is because it is harder for your scalps natural oils to travel down your strands.
  3. Use The LOC Method this method is Holy Grail for every naturalista, no matter the hair type, although some prefer to call it LCO the principle is still the same. Adding Liquid, Oil and Cream to your hair is the perfect way to add moisture. In the winter it is better to use thicker sealant’s like Shea Butter which helps to retain moisture. Also make sure your Liquid is primarily water based, or just water itself.
  4. Do the Baggy Method- the most important part of our hair is the ends because it is the oldest part, and just how your supposed to care for the elderly, the baggy method does just that. By applying a moisturizer to your ends and sealing it with an oil, then putting a baggy over your hair, your ends would be rejoicing!

As always feel free to share your methods to keeping your tress protected by commenting below.

-Naomi xo


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