Does a Sleek Bun last on 4B/4C hair?

A sleek bun is one of my go-to Protective Styles with my natural hair. It takes about 20 minutes to complete, and the style is suitable for just about any occasion. However, whilst I was doing my cousins hair last week, she was quick to mention that there is no point in using Edge Control as it doesn’t work on her 4C Textured hair. I used it anyway, and it did lay down her edges, but I  was forced to wonder after she left how long the gel lasted.

Typically when I do this style it lasts for about the whole day, however the sleekness that I achieve at first doesn’t remain throughout the day. My edges would simply frizz up during the day, but still remain relatively flat on my head. To combat this I leave my headscarf on for about 3-4 hours, you can check out my method and the products that I use here. Do you have any suggestions of gels that last for the whole day on 4B/4C textured hair? Comment below!

-Naomi xo


4 thoughts on “Does a Sleek Bun last on 4B/4C hair?

  1. Have you tried Fantasia IC’s ‘Thick n’ Shine’ Styling Gel? Not the clear one they sell in most stores but the brown gel, with a yellow top. It’s hard to find in stores, but they do sell it on Amazon for $5.99. It’s made w/ wheat & keratin proteins. That’s been my go-to gel for years and I’ve never found a gel that’s better for sleek ponytails/buns than this one! It doesn’t flake at all and you can restyle/manipulate your hair without it being all hard like other gels. Check it out!

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