Meet Briana, Female Boss and founder of MATTE Brand

It has been a year since we last interviewed Briana Wilson and it has been amazing to watch her growth! Read what she had to say a year ago, and look at her now. #Goals.



We call her Briana, but she is Queen Eenah to you. Entrepreneur, designer, model and the list can go on. After starting her own business, MATTE, over a year ago, she has proved that hard work truly manifests into success. She materialises her ideas, designing casual classic pieces that extenuate and caress the curves of MATTE bae’s. Her clothes offer a more extension selection of nude, as each piece is designed to cater to the entire spectrum of melanin. Briana evades the pigeonhole of being just ‘Tumblr famous’ as is more than just beauty, she means business.

Whilst businesses spend hundreds of thousands on advertising, she simply clicks ‘share’ to her hundred thousand followers. She embodies the phrase ‘be your own brand’ by modelling her own designs on her jaw dropping body. Although, it hasn’t always been an easy road for Briana, who earlier this year was involved in a car accident, she has never let obstacles get block her vision. Now MATTE is an ever-growing empire, shipping internationally to more than 20,000 customers. And after just recently celebrating her birthday Briana can sing along to a Drake quote, “I’m 23 with a money tree!”

How did you get started in fashion?

I’ve never actually been huge on fashion, I’ve just always liked to dress a certain way. I started MATTE mainly because I wanted to start a business…any business would do. Once I got into it I fell in love with design.
I think when you choose to think through your problems rather than be consumed by them you’ll realize that the universe is just guiding you in a way.

What were some of the challenges you faced when you first started out?

I mean, so many things have gone wrong since I’ve started this company. The list is endless. I’ve worked with crazy unprofessional people, I’ve invested in ideas that didn’t work out well, I’ve taken too much at a time but overall it’s all just been a learning experience. Whenever I’m faced with a problem I just keep moving forward and every single time I find a much better way to handle it. I think when you choose to think through your problems rather than be consumed by them you’ll realize that the universe is just guiding you in a way.

What is your inspiration when designing?

I love the way clothes fit and I’ve always been very particular about the way that my clothes fit.. that’s my main concern when I’m designing for MATTE, then the way it feels. I’m not a person for crazy unique cuts and bold patterns/arrangements… I like sexy basics, or pieces you just feel are necessary. I’m ultimately inspired by my ideas coming to life. It feels so good to create something from nothing. To have an idea and then eventually hold it in your hand.

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How would you describe your style?

Casual but sexy. I love to be sexy but not in your face with it. I’m not going to wear super short shorts with a crop top and hella cleavage, but I will wear super short shorts with a T- shirt that looks like I have nothing on under it. And then a bomber and some sneakers to make it chill.

You also occasionally model your designs. How important is it for you to be your own brand?

When I started MATTE I modelled a lot of my clothes mainly because it was easy! I was always available and I didn’t have to look for anyone. I started using models for MATTE when I broke my leg in January. I had these cute dresses I wanted to shoot in and release but broke my leg like two days before the scheduled photo shoot. While I was in the hospital I started planning the photo shoot and it turned out way better because I actually put energy into planning a shoot for the first time whereas when I shot things myself it’d be more last minute. One of the multiple learning experiences from that seemingly unfortunate situation. I haven’t modelled my own pieces since.

How can young entrepreneurs utilise the internet in a productive rather than destructive way?
I think the internet is great for marketing, it’s great for expressing and displaying yourself. I think people should use it to represent themselves whatever way they want to be represented. The internet is amazing because you can create your own market. You don’t have any market rules to follow because the world is at your fingertips. You can sell anything online if you use the correct platform.

Who are some of your fashion icons?
I love 2010-2013 Rihanna, 2008-2010 Amber Rose…Karla Deras, Aaliyah.. I’m all over the place.
You get a lot of questions on Tumblr regarding your amazing physique, so we must ask how do you keep so fit?
I’ve never had a set routine or work out plan!

Here at LAMBB we are exploring the idea of a woman who has it all. What would ‘having it all’ mean to you?
Having it all to me simply put is being confident, independent and humble at the same time. Feeling great about yourself and how you look but also knowing there’s more to you than the way you look and even what you achieve materially. True self love.


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