Hot Oil Treatment on Natural Hair


I love the holidays, it’s a time where you get to see family, eat cake for breakfast and cancel all plans for an entire day of TLC! Doing my hair is number one on my list when I have a day off, and a great way to really treat your tress is a Hot Oil Treatment.
Hot Oil Treatments are a great way to add moisture to your hair, as the heat opens the cuticles and allows moisture to penetrate through. It is a great way to combat dry hair which you may be experiencing in these winter months.

DIY: The best part about this treatment is you can do it all in the comfort of your own home. I literally feel like a chef whenever I’m mixing up all the oils! Below is the mixture I use on my hair:

Coconut Oil- stimulates hair growth, softens hair and conditions the scalp. It also helps to eliminate dandruff.
Olive Oil- is moisturizing and soothing.
Jojoba Oil- softens hair and is a very lightweight oil.

How To:
It is best to warm the oils until hot (not too hot!), then massage the oils into hair for about 5 minutes. Next you’ll need to cover hair with a shower cap/cling film then wrap a towel around your head. You can leave the oil to sit as you like, however 30 minutes is enough. After this you can shampoo and condition as normal.

You may be trying to cut your Wash Day down to an hour, but this treatment is worth the wait as it leaves your hair moisturised and your strands revitalised!

Check out my method below:

What are some of your favourite oils to use?

-Naomi xo

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