Have you made your New Hair Resolutions?

The other day my friend told me that every New Year her resolution is to go to the gym every day. She starts off well, reposting motivational pictures from Diddy and constantly telling herself -in DJ Khaled’s voice- “they don’t want me to be slim”. Yet she never actually ends up in the gym and by February she forgets the promise she made to herself. It’s easy to fall victim to abandoning resolutions, so this year try setting specific Hair Resolutions!

The first thing to do to achieving your #hairgoals is to write them down and put them in a place you could see daily. It is best to constantly remind yourself of your resolutions, and if in your own hand writing, you’ll be less inclined to break the promise you made to yourself. Also by writing goals down it would give you the ability to cross things off once completed, and if like me, you get a kick from crossing off lists this would help.

You may be wondering what exactly should you write down, well this is completely up to you! You must assess your hair and see what you need more of and what you need less of. A good indicator of the hairs need in most cases, are the ends and sometimes the scalp. The list can include anything from “Moisturise Hair Daily” to “Use Less Edge Control on Edges”.

Lastly it is worth noting that you would not see instant gratification, but don’t let that be a reason to quit! Perseverance is key and if you hold it out till next year you are bound to see a significance improvement in your hair.

Share some of your hair resolutions below!
-Naomi xo

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