5 ways to cut your Wash Day in Half


I include procrastination in my Wash-Day Routine, because I put off washing my hair for as long as I can, just to avoid the time consuming process. But eventually all that product builds up and I submit to washing my hair. If you are sometimes a lazy natural like I am, I have listed below the top 5 Ways to cut your wash day in half!

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I think every naturalista would hail the Co-Wash as a huge time saver! A Co-Wash is when you wash your hair just using conditioner. It is best to choose a conditioner that works best for you, one of my favourites is the Shea Moisture Raw shea butter Restorative Conditioner. The regularity of a Co-wash depends on how often you wash your hair. I usually do one between shampoo washes, so that would be every week/two weeks.

Detangle with Conditioner

Before you tackle your hair for a wash day it is best to detangle, especially if you have been wearing your hair out and not in protective styles. The conditioner provides more of a slip so the detangling process would be much quicker and easier. I do recommend finger detangling, although quite time consuming it is worth it as using a comb can snag on the hairs.

Section your hair

Working in sections is a great way to reduce the amount of time spent on your wash day. It makes the hair seem more manageable and also enables you to condition and shampoo each section well.

Condition hair

It is crucial to always condition your hair after washing it, as this adds moisture back into your hair. Also this step would reduce any time being wasted in the future to moisturise hair again.


A Pre-Po is a treatment you do to prepare your hair for shampooing. Doing this protects your hair from being stripped of its natural oils. After doing this treatment it is best to use a Moisturizing shampoo such as Crème of Nature Argan Oil Moisture & Shine Shampoo as opposed to a harsh one.

Check out my process and the products I use in my Wash Day Routine video below!

-Naomi xo

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