Trimming Natural Hair


The regularity in which you must go for a trim is always debated within the natural hair community. Some people go for a trim every 3 months, whilst some opt to go every 6 months. There are many indicators to show you when your hair is in need for a trim, for instance if your hair is constantly breaking off at the tips, or if you have split ends, you probably need to cut it! I have a serious fear of hairdressers who may get too excited with a pair of shear scissors and my hair so here are 4 easy methods to trim your hair at home.

  1. Two Strand Twists

Twists are a good way of inspecting your ends to find knots or frizzy dry ends. The smaller the twists, the more thorough the trim would be however it isn’t necessary to install mini twists. When trimming, try to take an even amount off each twist to ensure you get a good shape.

2. Search and Destroy

This is one of the longer methods, but the effort spent is rewarding. This method literally requires you to search for split ends or single stand knots and cut them. As well as it being time consuming, this method can also cause an uneven shape. On the upside, if you’re not one for trimming off chunks of your hair, this method helps you to preserve most of it.

3. Trimming whilst Straight

This method is probably the most well-known out of the three and some naturals prefer it because of the clean cut it gives. Trimming your hair whilst straight means less shrinkage, so you’re less likely to cut off more hair. This method also makes tackling your fro a lot more manageable! If you are afraid of heat damage, and you opt to do this method, try blow drying it instead of straightening it.


How often do you trim your hair? Weigh in on the conversation below!

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