Beyond the Beauty

Despite how problematic Kim Kardashian may be, the one thing we can give her is her beauty, but we have yet to find out the depth of her mind.

Over the past couple of days a lot of people have been asking “What does LAMBB stand for?” I proceed to tell them that it stands for Look At My Black Beauty. Often their eyes say more than their mouths, as they are taken aback by the blunt meaning. When my sister and I first came up with the name two years ago, I was always conscious that people may misinterpret the meaning and the message. I didn’t want people to think that I was in effect saying look at me I am beautiful. Despite what people may think of me I am not the most outwardly confident person, and just like any other young girl I battle with insecurities and self-doubt, so claiming absolute beauty and perfection was never my intent. Instead LAMBB aims to showcase the inner beauty in young girls and women, and shine a light on the internal magic that is brewing within them.

We live in a culture that hails looks over intelligence. Our society today allows the beautiful girl to triumph irrespective of the depth of her mind and soul. So it seems like pretty pays and compliments are currency. It seems like if your eyebrows are drawn on correctly and your edges are laid heavenly, then you would be granted access to advertise Slim Tummy Tea on Instagram. Yet I do not believe we should teach our young girls to aspire towards outward perfection, nor should we encourage them to subscribe to anyone’s beauty standards other than their own. A compliment is not a curse, but it can create a dependency culture where girls and women begin dressing specifically to get compliments. From a young age I have always been conflicted and weary about people who would confine me to beauty. As I grow into a woman I know that I do not owe anyone my beauty, and I do not aim to be a trophy wife because they collect dust after a while. I refuse to be objectified because of my body or looks and would relentlessly work to prove to myself that I am more than what the people think.


My lips quiver as I whisper that I am on the brink of a revolution.

You find me at the centre, where stars and souls align.

I look like a wanderer who has stumbled across gold, but in this case the treasure is not an external source, it is within.

I have speant years of digging up the dirt in me to finally find my treasure, my magic.

Now my hand burns as I hold it, my eyes swell and my heart is full.

I call my Creator and promise that whatever success I find hereafter shall not waiver me, that I would remain forever anchored to His root.

I am blessed to know Him at my starting point, so now wherever I go, I’ll praise His name.

He has lifted me and listened even when I had no words to pray.

I find myself overwhelmed with love doing something I could only dream of.

I see things falling in line and everyone assembles to watch the ultimate Creator piece together the final pieces of the puzzle.

I discover the power in words, thoughts and belief.

I discover the power in vibrations, the power in me.

-Naomi for LAMBB

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