‘Cause I’m a Woman Phenomenally.

Who Runs the World? Girls.

In celebration of International Women’s Day I thought it best to round up a few of the women who inspire me daily to slay. There are so many women that I have learnt from throughout my life, both close to me and not so close, but today I am going to focus on just two: Beyoncé and Taraji P Henson.

Beyoncé and her worth ethic truly amazes me. I remember growing up and hearing she had broken hip bones, toes, fell down flights of stairs. At that young, naïve age, I did not quite understand the reasoning behind this and used to think that she was a bit crazy! The older I got and the hungrier I became, I began to understand that the more you push – the stronger you become. The more you push, the better you become! She wants to be the best in her field and so do I. She showed me that it is possible to grow and become more beautiful, more gracious, more affirming, more loving and that is why she is an inspiration to me today.

The other woman is Taraji P Henson as she has shown me that staying true to you and never giving up reaps success. She has been in the movie industry for years, but only now is getting the mainstream respect that she deserves. She is graceful yet so unapologetically herself that it makes you feel okay to be wild and free. She has taught me a lot about self-confidence and owning your truth, which are two vital things a women should never leave her house without.

-Cauline for LAMBB

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