Discovering your Passion and Purpose


It isn’t easy transitioning from the highs of being a youth who imagines the world as she would like it, into adulthood where a whole new reality is forced upon you. Adulthood reality praises facts and reason and allows no dreaming. You are no longer asked ‘what you want to be’ you have to just be, and nobody really helps you navigate this space. This brings me onto this month’s theme, Passion and Purpose.

I never believe people when they say they have no passions or interests, nor do I believe them when they say they don’t know what they want to be. The truth is we do know, we have all experienced those moments when we are doing something and it feels like our heart is on fire, it feels right. I find my passion in writing and creating, and whenever I haven’t expressed myself through my words or through an art form I become tangled and the only way to weave myself back into alignment is by writing. It’s a burning feeling, something intangible but present. I know that experience isn’t limited to just me, its universal, and if you are yet to discover it you’ve got some digging to do.

When we are first born, we are considered as ‘miracles’ and doctors and mothers marvel at our existence, yet somewhere down the line we are no longer considered as these miraculous beings, we become merely human beings. As we grow, we are fed doubts and insecurities that are not our own; our parents, teachers and society begin projecting images of who we should and shouldn’t be upon us. All this background noise creates a clog in our heart, burying that burning feeling, that desire, that passion. It takes an uncovering and a resurrecting of one’s true self to find your passion and align your purpose, and this isn’t a one day task. Oprah describes this process as figuring out where your ‘power base’ is and working on the ‘alignment of your personality, the gifts you have to give, with the real reason why you’re here.’

I have had countless conversations with people about this, but one conversation with my cousin struck me the most. He stated that passions are irrelevant and the only thing we should focus on is getting money. He is older than I am but that doesn’t account for him having such a dated perception on the matter. These days it is very possible to make your passion provide for you. The internet, which brings you and I together, has also birthed many viral stars, launching them into financial success. Millennials have a different approach, we are aware of the different fiscal opportunities available to us and we are much more caring about our happiness. The previous generations couldn’t focus on ‘self’ they had to focus on the people and the generations to come, and healing broken environments of which they weren’t the perpetrators of. They didn’t have the space to uncover who they were and what their passions were they just had to do what works. They had to survive, whilst we are trying to live, in every variation of the word.

They, of course have lessened our fight, although there is still police brutality and systems of oppression, we now have the space and energy to focus on our goals. This does bring into play narcissism which is commonly connoted with millennials, but I don’t think there is anything narcissistic about knowing who you are. We are fortunate to exist in a semi-liberal environment where we can exercise our freedom because a certain level of anarchy is required to locate your passion. It is a beautiful struggle but it is a journey worth embarking on because when you ‘be who God meant for you to be, you can set the world on fire.’ I don’t want to say find yourself because this suggests going on a lengthy quest all around the world perhaps. So instead I will say all your jewels are already within you, and you have to take off the layers and realise that. Do the work and dig deep to find your root, your cause, your light, your purpose. Even if you walk on infertile grounds, the belief in yourself and a higher power is enough to grow a garden from concrete.

I have no idea what is about to happen next but I am not so afraid anymore. These days it’s different. I am more awake but life feels like a dream. I look out and everything is as it should be, in the same position the winds left it yesterday. It’s all beautiful, even if the trees are without leaves and haven broken branches. We crave money, love and lust but I think the ultimate prize is peace. Peace is knowing who you are and being that same person in every room. Peace is holding onto yourself even when the world around you is falling. If you acquire peace in this world, where men rise in triumph after another man’s blood is shed, then you’ve succeeded. Nobody can tell me that art and poetry doesn’t matter, for God is the greatest artist and most eloquent poet. He fills the world with riddles and metaphors that we must decode, and each morning he repaints the sky with Heavens pallet.


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