What is Good Hair?

The topic of ‘good hair’ is often debated within the brown community. Those who typically qualify for this category tend to have 3C to 4C hair. New documentary Kinks and Curls looks at texture discrimination within the natural hair community.

In my opinion, good hair is healthy hair. But in the eyes of society, good hair is straight, sleek, and easy to tame – apparently everything that afro hair is not.

Growing up, I was always made to feel as though straight hair was better than afro hair. Afro hair was out of control and hard to tame. Back then, your hair defined you and your hair meant that you would be perceived in a certain way. To put it simply, straight hair meant good hair and natural hair meant bad hair. Because of this I grew up seeing my hair as difficult and problematic.

I had a lot of experiences with many people trying to police my hair and the styles I done with it. But I reached a point where I thought “Why can’t I do what I want with my hair?” I don’t like being told what to do.

I’ve also had challenges where people touched my hair without your consent, and when employers deem it as ‘unprofessional’ and ‘unsuitable for work’.

I’ve reached a point in my life where I’ve accepted my hair for what it is and I embrace it. My afro hair is beautiful. My afro hair is soft, shiny and sleek. My afro hair is healthy. My afro hair is my crown and I wear it with pride, esteem and happiness, and nothing and no-one will ever change that.

So what is good hair?

Good hair is beautiful hair, regardless of type, texture and style.


By Chichi Ogwe

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