Tutorial: Straighten Natural Type 4 Hair

Straightening natural hair can be seen as mission impossible especially for naturals with Type 4 hair. We have been fed the narrative that our hair cannot get silky straight because of its kinky and coarse texture. Last year I went to the hair salon to straighten my hair; I done a treatment to ensure that it was silky straight. This year I decided to straighten it myself because I had such a bad experience at the salon.


Read my top techniques below to get your curly hair straight without any heat damage:

  • Deep Condition – after you clarify your hair using a shampoo, deep conditioning is the next important step. I condition then deep condition for an hour or so, depending on how much time I have to catch up on my favourite shows!


  • Use oil and heat protectant – adding oil to your hair would keep your hair lightweight whilst also adding body and shine. The heat protectant I used was from Beautiful Textures line.


  • Blow Dry – using low heat is a great way to prevent heat damage.




  • Use the chase method or detangle thoroughly before straightening – the chase method can be a bit tricky, so I decided to detangle my hair before using the flat iron.


  • Flat iron in small sections – because type 4 hair is very coarse, it is best to work in small sections to give you a silky finish.


  • Use a ceramic straightener- ensure that the temperature is low to avoid heat damage, mine was at 230 degrees. This was pretty low as our hair can withstand up to 350 degrees of heat.


Watch my video below for the products and method that I used:

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