Review of Blueberry Bliss Control Jelly

blueberry bliss control jelly


Product description:

Define, Defrizz and Hold Your CURLS in one snap! Your New Go to Styler… Formulated with organic blueberry extract, and raw castor oil, Blueberry Bliss Curl Control Jelly will define, defrizz and hold your curls in place.


8.00 oz

I may be a little bit late to the Blueberry bliss bandwagon, but better late than never! This is one of those products that every naturalista has in her bathroom, and thanks to Treasure Tress I was able to test out the product. Treasure Tress is a subscription box specifically catered to young girls with naturally kinky, curly, or frizzy hair.

My love for this product came after some trial and error! When I first used the jelly, I found it to be quite drying to my hair, but this is because I used the product just by itself. I have seen some naturals do this, but as I have 4B/4C hair the jelly alone didn’t moisturise my kinky hair. The control jelly is more like gel than a curling cream. The second time around I tried a different approach. Here’s a tip: always try a product or style more than once before you give up on it. This time around I paired the Jelly with a leave-in conditioner, which added the moisture to my hair, and left my hair feeling bouncier. Curls do have a line of leave-ins or you can use one of your choice; it is about choosing the best product to pair with the jelly.

The blueberry bliss control jelly defined my curls and it didn’t weigh my curls down as it is a very light product. I find that the best results are attained when you use the product after washing hair, it isn’t enough to just moisturize with a spray bottle. Also it is good to be generous with the gel, don’t be afraid of squeezing out the product, especially for thick kinky or curly hair. The jelly provides lots of slip because it contains castor oil, which would allow you to rake the product through your hair for extra definition. Another thing I learnt through trial and error, is to put the jelly on from root to tip, this avoids your roots puffing up. Depending on the type of natural you are (I would say I’m a semi-lazy natural) you could also shingle your hair if using for a wash and go.

The blueberries do more than just leave your hair smelling like a tropical island, they are also great for the overall health of hair!

Benefits of Blueberries:

Proanthocyanidins, the plant chemical found in blueberries, interacts with hair follicles to accelerate growth and slow down hair graying and loss.

Blueberries, rich in vitamin C and B complex are good for increasing hair growth by improving oxygenation and circulation of blood in the body, particularly the scalp.

Prevents hair breakage, too little Vitamin C your diet can lead to hair breakage