5 Tips to ensure Healthy Natural hair under wigs


Wigs to a black girl is like a basketball to Jordan. It is the enabler that allows us to be Solange on one day and Beyoncé the next. Whether your hair is relaxed or natural, one thing we all own as black girls (other than a comb) is a wig. Wigs do more than keep your co-workers guessing which of your hairstyles are real, it is also a great protective style for when you want to reduce manipulation to your hair. However, it is important to not become complacent with wigs, and throw your hair routine out the window. Below I share with you my top tips to maintaining the health of your hair, whilst wearing a wig.

1. Moisturize – this is particularly important when wearing a protective style because your stands are hidden in conrows or braids. Using water-based sprays that can penetrate the braids would add the daily moisture your hair needs. Depending on your hair type, you might need to moisturize your hair more frequently, but typically once a day or every other day is a good amount.

2. Massage the scalp – massaging your scalp frequently stimulates growth as it encourages blood flow. It is best to do this with an oil that also stimulates growth and soothes the scalp.

3. Co-wash weekly- co-washing is a great and easy way to add moisture to your hair. It cuts a wash-day in half, yet still produces the same results. This is also a great time to add direct moisture to your ends outside of the cornrows.

4. Let your hair breathe- If your anything like me, you take off your wig as soon as you enter the front door! Throughout the day wearing a wig can become irritable, especially in this weather, so it is nice to give your hair some air until the morning.

5. Don’t over lay your edges- laying your edges has become a phenomenon, and leaving your house without an S-Shaped swirl in your sideburns is a big problem. But overusing gels can affect your edges and cause tension to your baby hairs. It is best to use an edge control instead, or dare and go outside without laying your edges!
If you want more tips on how to take care of your hair after you take out your cornrows, check out my video below:

Easy way to get a Halo Protective Style


When I hear the term #Blackgirlmagic I imagine melanin goddesses floating around with halo’s on their head. There is indeed something very magical about being a black girl, and below I share with you the magic behind the Halo Braid. This is a perfect protective style for these winter months and a great way to lock in moisture. If you’re in need of more natural hair inspo check out our post on 5 Natural Hairstyles for winter!

-Naomi xo

4 Protective Styles for Winter

There are many types of naturals. There is the “I only use homemade products” and there is the Lazy natural. Sometimes I am the latter and I just throw my fro underneath a protective style, that way I don’t have to deal with it every day or night. Although, keeping it in a protective style doesn’t mean I do not moisture it daily! Some naturals forbid weaves and wigs for many reasons, some ethical, which I completely understand. Others say that weaves just do not suit them or they cannot maintain it. If you like me, enjoy the ease of Protective styles, I’m going to show you my go-to looks whenever I want to do the Weave Dance!

Wigs- This wig was from Rosegal.com and underneath I have a very easy and simple braid pattern.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Weaves- This is my beautiful friend, she got her weave from Aliexpress.com and of course her edges are slaying.


Box Braids- This is my beautiful sister, she has on some short box braids which she styled with some gold accessories.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Crotchet Braids- I think this was one of the best protective styles to happen in the Natural Hair Community! It is so quick to do (thanks sis) and so versatile- depending on your braid pattern underneath, you can change the parting everyday!


What are some of your go-to protective styles? Comment below! xo

-Naomi xo



Does a Sleek Bun last on 4B/4C hair?

A sleek bun is one of my go-to Protective Styles with my natural hair. It takes about 20 minutes to complete, and the style is suitable for just about any occasion. However, whilst I was doing my cousins hair last week, she was quick to mention that there is no point in using Edge Control as it doesn’t work on her 4C Textured hair. I used it anyway, and it did lay down her edges, but I  was forced to wonder after she left how long the gel lasted.

Typically when I do this style it lasts for about the whole day, however the sleekness that I achieve at first doesn’t remain throughout the day. My edges would simply frizz up during the day, but still remain relatively flat on my head. To combat this I leave my headscarf on for about 3-4 hours, you can check out my method and the products that I use here. Do you have any suggestions of gels that last for the whole day on 4B/4C textured hair? Comment below!

-Naomi xo


5 Easy Natural Hairstyles for Winter

The only good thing about winter is that Santa Claus might bring me a pony (I promise I have been good this year). Everything else about the winter isn’t so delightful- the cold, the rain and not to mention the DRYING WINDS! As you may have seen from our last post, it is crucial to properly moisturise your hair in the winter months. But there’s no point moisturising it well, then flaunting your fro so that the winds dry up all that moisture! Instead, we suggest protecting your tress with a protective style. Check out my go-to natural hairstyles for the winter.

pro style.jpg

(This is my beautiful Mama)


Check out my Sleek Bun Tutorial on how to achieve this look.


Check out my Two Bun Tutorial on how to achieve this look.


What are some of your natural hair tips for the winter?

-Naomi xo